Tips to Get Healthier and Fitter

Some life-hacks that will make you healthier & thinner without actually exercising.

1. Get a Kinect











Instead of playing regular video games, rotting on the couch for hours, try getting a Kinect. Whether you play tennis, balance yourself on boat river, or fight the evil guys in Star Wars, you will be getting a workout without actually working out. How awesome is that?


2. Go for a walk when stressed.










Tons of people just visit the fridge when they are stressed. What if instead of paying a visit to your fridge, you went for a short walk around your neighborhood?

Listen, eating when stressed is bad habit, as you are not really hungry when you do it, not to mention that what you eat when stressed may not be of the highest nutritional value…(e.g., candies!).

You can change that. Think about the reward you feel with eating. Is it that you got a break from a stressful situation? If you just needed a break, then going for a short walk may give you the exact same reward…without the extra calories.

Let’s assume that you get stressed twice a week. In those moments you opt for a 15 min walk instead of eating a 200 calorie snack. Assuming you burn 6 calories a minute, you will be burning 9,360 calories a year. This is equal to 2.7 pounds a year.

Now here is what you get with your current habit of eating a 200 calorie snack, twice a week: You get a total of 20,800 calories a year, which is equal to 6 pounds! Thus, if you keep going with that pace, you will be 60 pounds fatter in 10 years!

However, if you switch to taking a short walk instead of gaining 60 pounds, you will be losing 27 pounds in 10 years.


3. Improve your posture in the office
















          10 ways to improve your posture at the office
           Bupa ergonomist Roy Cochran has 10 top tips to improve your posture and keep you healthy at your desk

1. Don’t think that just because your feet are flat on the floor, your chair is at the right height; adjust your chair so your

upper body  is properly aligned and work from there.
2. Adjust your chair height so your forearms are horizontal to the desktop and in line with your keyboard.
3. Adjust the height of your monitor so your eyes are in line with the top of your screen.
4. The back of the chair should support your spine so you are sitting up straight with your shoulders relaxed.
5. Your feet should sit comfortably flat on the floor. Use a footrest if necessary.
6. At the correct height, hover your hands over the keyboard rather than resting on the desk. This can prevent

overstretching your  fingers and flexing your wrists as you type.
7. Equipment you use regularly — such as mouse, pen and pad — should be in easy reach. You should not have to stretch

for them.
8. Stand up at least once every half an hour as it encourages you to realign your equipment and posture.
9. Never wedge a phone under your ear. Use a headset or a hands-free kit.
10. Check out for a downloadable checklist to help you assess workstation and posture.


4. Climb a tree











You do go to the park once in a while. Why not have some fun with it? Once upon a time, when you were little, you loved climbing trees. Why not do it again?

If you have kids you could do it together and enjoy quality family moments along with some physical activity. Who can climb up faster?


5. Go on fitness-oriented holidays












Most people’s definition of vacation is chilling in a hotel next to a beach. Well, you don’t need to lie down at the beach all day. Hotels usually have tons of activities you can participate in. And guess what? All these activities make you move!

Examples: snorkeling, water-skiing, aqua dancing!


6. Play

Family playing football on beach










When was the last time you played? I am seriously asking you, and I am expecting an answer.

My favorite game? Playing tag!

Ever played tag with a kid? It’s exhausting!

Play some tag, and see for yourselves how long you can last.


7. Volunteer for a cause
















Volunteering can both help the world, while helping you keep your shape.

E.g., Habitat for Humanity will have you paint houses, fix roofs, or do other housework.

You will be burning calories and building muscle while simultaneously helping disaster victims.


8.Clean the house











Decide how clean you want your house to be and how much time you have. This will help you decide how to set up your cleaning schedule. Be honest with yourself about what you can do, how much time you have, and how motivated you’re feeling.
Work from the top down, if at all possible. You don’t want to vacuum and then get crumbs all over the floor, or dust the bottom of something and knock more dust down when you work your way up onto the previously uncleaned areas. If you don’t have much time, start with the clutter first and work your way to more serious things from there.
For the “average” busy person it works better to do a little bit every day so that the work doesn’t pile up, and also have major-cleaning day a few times a month. What style you prefer is up to you (unless you have roommates, of course).


9.Wash your car











Double buffing
When a hectic work schedule puts the squeeze on your time, gym-visits are often the first victim. Consequently, original methods of burning calories at the same time as performing essential chores can be extremely valuable. “Exercise doesn’t always need to follow conventional methods,” says personal trainer Scott Wright, who has put together an entire car-wash workout and accompanying diet plan. Below we pick our favourite three moves. Wax on. Wax off. Flab gone. Car buffed. Good work, Daniel-san.
Bucket curls
Works: Biceps
Taking the bucket in one hand (with an under-arm grip), place your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees while keeping your back straight and your abs tight. Next, raise the bucket from the side of your waist up to the side of your chest (see picture above, left). Hold this for a second before lowering the bucket back to the start position. Oh, and make sure the

bucket is full of water before you start.

Do three sets of 12 reps with each arm.
Calf raises
Works: Calves
Taking your sponge, position yourself at one of the corners of your car’s roof (see picture above, right). From a standing position, rise up onto your tiptoes with each stroke of your sponge to reach the centre of the roof.

Do 15 reps for each corner.
Window press
Works: Pecs, triceps and shoulders
Take two sponges and position yourself at the rear of the car. With feet shoulder- width apart and your abs tight, spread your arms and place each sponge on either side of the rear windscreen. Then simply draw them across the window and bring them together to meet in the middle. Concentrate on keeping tension in your chest muscles and squeezing them together.

Perform 15 reps before moving on to the other windows.


10. Stretch when watching TV











Ok, so you had a bad posture all day at the office. Your colleagues perceive your weirdly shaped back as low self-esteem.

You come back home, and you keep having a this bad-bad posture.

Because you have a bad posture, your back starts to hurt.

Great, now you also have to deal with pain.

You sit on the couch trying to relax…with your bad posture accompanying you.

Why not fix the situation by doing a few stretches?

Stretching will give you an instant jolt of energy and will help you straighten your back and get rid of this ugly back pain.

Oh, and don’t tell me stretching won’t help.

Are you sure? Have you tried it?


11. Conquer your boredom when flying













Are you a frequent (or even an occasional) flyer? Are you looking for an activity to make your flights more enjoyable? You know, all this sitting and stiffness in the plane…

Not to mention the boredom that comes with a long flight! You have already read your book, you have watched a movie, and you have nothing else to do.

It seems as if both your body and mind are doomed to idleness for the rest of this flight!

You hate this zombie-like state.

But wait!

You can actually entertain yourself for a while.

You could exercise…from your airplane seat.

Don’t worry you are not going to start sweating. But depending on how diligently you perform the exercises, you are sure to beat that rusty airplane feeling out of your body.

And you will give your mind some food for thought.

Ready to take your flights to the next level?


12.Pick up gardening
















What’s healthier than eating a salad?

Eating a salad with garden-fresh vegetables!

What’s healthier than eating a a salad with garden-fresh vegetables?

Eating a salad with garden-fresh vegetables, that you planted and grew yourself! This way you:

Know exactly where your food is coming from.
Get lots of exercise while growing your food.
Use gardening as a way to take a break, forget about your troubles, and connect with nature.
Ok, let’s calculate the energy effects of gardening. Gardening is a strenuous activity. You may choose to grow vegetables and fruits, or even flowers, but regardless of your choices, you know you will be burning some serious calories.

Assuming that you burn 8 calories a min, and that you spend an average of 30 min every week (or else 2 hours every month)-> You burn 12,480 calories a year.

That equals to burning 3.5 pounds a year, or 35 pounds in 10 years!

This seems to me like a really good deal: nutrition, exercise, and peace of mind all in one!


13. Sell your car












Selling your car will force yourself use other means to get from one place to another.

You will walk more.
You will use your bike more.
You may even start skating.
Even using public transit benefits your health (read tip #16 to learn why).

However, I understand that selling your car may not be possible. Are you sure though that you cannot use it less?

Suppose that you decide you will run two errands a week on foot, rather than taking the car (e.g., going to the post office, taking the kids to school, picking clothes from the dry-cleaning shop, etc).

Assuming that it takes you 10 min each way. That equals to 6 calories a min and to a total of 240 calories. That is 3.5 pounds a year, or 35 pounds in 10 years!

So what activities are you going to do on foot from now on?


14. Get a dog











Buying a dog can be one of the healthiest choices you may make in your whole life.

A dog is a man’s best friend and a great life companion.
A dog will force you into inserting regular activity in your life!
Assuming you walk the dog twice a day, you will be moving about 30 min every day – just for the dog. Hey, that is the total recommended daily activity right? 30 min of daily moderate exercise? You can get there just by getting a dog!

Assuming that you burn 6 calories a minute, for 30 minutes a day, you will be burning 19 pounds a year!

Suppose that you dog lives 12 years. In those years you will have burnt 228 pounds.


15.Do home maintenance work yourself











Is your tap broken? Does your fence need fixing? Learn to do it yourself and get three major benefits:

You will save money. Paying for services can be so, so expensive…
You will exercise your brain. Acquiring new skills inevitably makes you smarter. Giving our brains variety tends to do that. [Don’t tell me you don’t want to be smarter. I won’t believe you.] You will exercise your body. Spend one day fixing the fence, and your arms will feel so sore afterwards!
Think that you don’t have time to do it yourself? You may opt for doing it yourself for small problems (like fixing the tap) rather than doing big projects (like fixing the fence) all by yourself.


16. Use a Power Plate machine
















Power plate is the ultimate machine for exercise haters. You just stand there in weird poses, and your muscles get worked! You do this 3 times a week for 15 min each time and you do feel the difference in your muscles.

Actually you will be so sore after the first time you use it.

It may be costly, but if this is your only option to exercise, then I think it is worth the money in the long run.



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